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Parent Information

Meet Your Popcorn Co-Kernels

Please join the pack leadership in thanking Chris Bruno and Bob Luongo, the Popcorn Co-Kernels for 2016. Serving as Popcorn Kernel is a major commitment of time and energy. The pack leadership is most grateful for their commitment to helping the pack to achieve our fundraising goals, and thus provide a year of Scouting, learning, adventure and fun.

Important Dates

NOW!: Door-to-door sales
Sept. 11th: Show-n-Sell Pick Up; Site sales begin
Sept. 13th: Pack Meeting – Popcorn Kickoff!
Oct. 26th: Sales forms due to Popcorn Kernels at pack meeting.
Oct 30th: Popcorn Orders Due to Council
Nov. 12th: Popcorn pickup
Nov. 30th: All popcorn money to be turned in at pack meeting

Site Sale Sign Up

This year we will once again have at least two site sales on each and every Saturday and Sunday throughout the sales campaign, and a few Friday evening spots! Most site sale shifts are two hours in duration with two scouts working per shift. There are a few three hour shifts, which are probably better suited to the older scouts. We MUST have two scouts per sales shift, so buddy up and sign up!!

Please note that site sales count towards the scouts’ individual sales totals for prizes and incentives, both at the pack and council level. Scouts will also receive credit for set up and breakdown of the sale.

The pack is using SignUp! to sign up scouts for site sales. Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

Click this link to go to our invitation page on SignUp!
Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on SignUp!)
Sign up! Choose your spots – SignUp will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!

Payment Information

You may accept both cash and checks and credit cards.

Checks should be made payable to ‘Pack 4 Hudson’.You can choose whether to have your customers pay when they order, or when you deliver the popcorn. Or, you can let them decide. You may find that people are more apt to place an order when they don’t have to pay up front. However, collecting the money up front does have an advantage: you don’t need to worry about chasing your customers later for payment.

The Pack also has a limited number of Square Readers for Credit Card sales. Please ask a Popcorn Kernels for information.

Your scout’s payment will be due in one lump sum by November 30th. Our Popcorn Kernels will not accept payments in piecemeal.

Accepting and Recording Donations

Sometimes a customer will offer a scout a donation in lieu of making a purchase. All donations should be counted as Military Donations regardless of the amount donated. Simply record the amount donated under one of the ‘Military Donation’ headings, along with the donor’s name and/or address. Your son will receive credit for it as though it was a sale.

The BSA does not allow for scouts to solicit donations for the pack. So, again, all donations should be entered as Military donations.

Does your scout need additional sales forms?

Bob is keeping a box of forms in the Pack 4 Bin (37 Old Bolton Rd). Please feel free to stop by and help yourself.

Turning in your sales sheets

The deadline for turning in your sales sheets is at the Oct. 26th pack meeting. If you are not planning to be at that meeting, then you will need to pass in your sheets no later than Oct. 28th.

Online Sales

Scouts can also sell popcorn online! This is a great way to reach distant friends, family, and work contacts. It’s also a great way to boost his sales total. Selling online is super simple. Your scout creates an account and sends fun emails to friends and family. His customers shop and pay online. Purchases are shipped directly to the customer. You don’t have to handle the product, nor the money! His online sales count towards his total sales for prizes. Please keep in mind, however, that the product is slightly more expensive online. Pack 4 recommends taking the order and delivering in person whenever possible. If you would like to set up an online sales account, click here to get started. (

Got Questions?

You can reach your Popcorn Kernels at

More Information

Knox Trail Council has a lot of great information and links/downloads about the 2016 Popcorn Fundraiser. Click here.

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